12/04/2021 – 01/15/2022

Allegra Hicks for Baert Gallery.

Here we encounter paintings on linen, an embroidered anatomical heart, a yonic composition in colored glass.

These works choreograph an utterance, an iterative and urgent push through silences. A language is cultivated of exhaled morphemes of color. A grammar is built of shapes: a woman’s discovery of herself, her body, her ability to generate expression and life. A viewer finds an interface: looking in, you brush up against an interstellar space, through which a vibrance pushes from its own world.

The inner place of these works moves outward through geometries: scaffolds and containing frames. Deep mauves, blues, rich multi-toned blacks, pinks and lucid yellows.

With the penetrative and expansive momentum of breath, pressing forward and outward like a saxophone’s mouth, making a pulse pathway scattering or melting internal forms. Sometimes geometric shapes are poised, meticulously balanced, as if for target practice.

We find architectural gestures crossing these works: a traversing through-line repeated, like a tuned string, or soft triangles spreading through a set of paintings arranged together. This is the cool sensuality of a poetics of touch, diffusing across balanced designs and blossoming chromatics put into motion.